About Allison

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I'm from Syracuse, NY. I started making websites when I was 10 years old, and they weren't pretty. I slowly worked my way up, teaching myself through Tripod template sites to sparkly Angelfire pages to finally buying my own domain in 2004 and starting a blog. I loved making something from nothing, and when I knew what I wanted but not how to make it, I scoured the internet until I found it. I then started gathering some small clients in high school, including non-profits and a few friends, and expanding my own websites.

When I started looking for colleges, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and Clarkson was the perfect fit. The Digital Arts & Sciences major had a great combination of math, art, communication, computer science; I could get exactly what I wanted out of the program. Through my college career I started a busy freelance business on the side: non-profits, academic groups and departments, clubs, individuals, and small businesses. I've done brand identities, print graphic design, web designs for all user groups, back-end development, and more (whatever they need from me!). I capped everything off with my senior thesis, a specialized content management system (akin to WordPress) coded from scratch to serve theatre & other arts groups in St. Lawrence County. All of these projects can be seen in my portfolio.

In my free time at Clarkson, I was heavily involved in the Clarkson Theatre Company, first as webmaster/historian, then vice president and president. Working for an entirely student-run theatre company was a challange that taught me a lot about leadership and management, and I stretched my technical theatre muscles I developed in high school (mostly lighting and stage management).

I also make jewelry and knit for myself, friends, and to sell. Making up my own designs gives me another creative outlet outside of the computer screen. In any other free time I have I spend time with friends, play with my miniature dashchund Charlie, watch too much TV and read too many magazines, and obsessively follow competitive and professional figure skating.